Neurons Webinar (Primary)

BNA Event - 23rd Apr 2020


Neurons webinar: Thursday 23rd April 2020 at 10:30 am

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This webinar will be on the topic of neurons, the cells of the brain, and will be aimed at primary school children (ages 5-11). We will be learning about what the brain does, the cells inside the brain (neurons) and the different parts of a neuron.

We are planning for this webinar to run for about 50 mins.

Important! During the webinar, we will be using Kahoot to allow you to give us your answers and ideas! 

You will need a device that several students can share to watch the presentation on, and a method of interacting with our webinar (with kahoot or without Kahoot), you can use one of the following methods:

  • A smartphone/tablet/other device per child (with kahoot up) and a computer (to watch the presentation) recommended
  • A computer with two tabs open (one with presentation open, and another with kahoot open)
  • A computer and a notepad and pen to write down answers (If you aren't able to use Kahoot)

If you have a smartphone/tablet/another tab to hand for each child they will be able to answer questions individually, otherwise, they can work as a team.

Activity: Make a Neuron! We are going to make a neuron out of items that can be found in your home (and if you have any extra craft items you can use these too!) 

For reference, a neuron (brain cell) looks like this: 

These are some of the ones we have made, your neuron can be made out of anything!

For some more inspiration, check out these neurons made by the participants of our trial neurons (primary) webinar

Materials needed:

For neuron number 1 (Tissue paper neuron): 

  • Tissue paper
  • Cotton wool
  • Wool/ribbon/shoelace/string/twine
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Beads/pom-poms/blue-tack (optional)
  • Cotton buds/ little sticks/ straws

For neuron number 2 (Household neuron):

  • a tube-shaped item (e.g. a kitchen roll tube)
  • a round item (e.g. an empty tub of cream)
  • 3 thin and long shaped items (e.g. pens)
  • a piece of string/ribbon (anything long and flexible)
  • a large rounded container/bottle cap (in which your tube will stand into e.g. small plant pot/candle)
  • sellotape

For neuron number 3 (Newspaper neuron):

  • Newspaper/ lined paper/ plain paper
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Cotton buds/ little sticks/ old pens/ pencils/ straws
  • Wool/ribbon/shoelace/string/twine
  • Beads/pom-poms/blue-tack (optional)

For neuron number 4 (Pipe cleaner neuron):

  • 1 long pipecleaner
  • 5 short pipecleaners (ask your parent or carer to cut 3 pipecleaners in half before you start)

Please have materials to hand when we begin the session so we can all make a neuron together

If you have any questions or issues, please email Lydia at or Elena at

Please register by clicking here

Looking forward to telling you all about neurons!

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