Overcoming the Challenges of Patch Clamping: Webinar with Scientifica

BNA Event - 6th Feb 2024

Scientifica webinar

The BNA is delighted to be working with Scientifica to host this free webinar taking place on Tuesday 6th February, 4-5pm (GMT).

Whether you're just beginning your journey in patch clamping or seeking to refine your skills, this webinar is the perfect platform for you.

We’re going to delve into some of the common challenges associated with patch clamping and provide some practical advice and strategies to help you overcome them. This session is not just about learning; it's an opportunity for you to share your experiences and contribute to our collective understanding.

Join us in this interactive and informative webinar featuring speakers Josina van Lunteren, Product Specialist (Scientifica) and Geoff Ingram, Senior Product Specialist (Scientifica).
Let's navigate these challenges together and enhance our skills in patch clamping.


Event Details:

  • Date: Tuesday 6th February
  • Time: 4-5pm GMT
  • Registration: Free!

Webinar Highlights

  • Understanding your Patch Clamp Rig
  • Quick Overview of the Patch Clamping Technique 
  • Tackling Drift: Tips for stability and consistency
  • Noise Management: Techniques to enhance signal clarity
  • Environmental factors: What should you consider?
  • Interactive Q&A: Share experiences and gain personalised advice.

Join us in this interactive and informative webinar. Let's navigate these challenges together and enhance our skills in patch clamping.

Meet Our Speakers:

Josina van Lunteren, Product Specialist

Josina joined Scientifica after completing her PhD at the Karolinska Institute. During her studies, she gained extensive experience in whole-cell patch-clamp electrophysiology working on the mouse prefrontal cortex. Now, Josina tends Scientifica accounts in the South of the UK, the North of Germany, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Josina is here to help you find the best solutions to further your research project. 

Geoff Ingram, Senior Product Specialist

Geoff supports everyone in London, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. He joined Scientifica after his MSc and has been a ‘Scientifican’ for over 8 years. Geoff brings a practical knowledge of electrophysiology and multiphoton imaging, particularly the day-to-day use of systems. This is something he always considers when consulting, designing your systems, and helping you write grant applications. 

About Scientifica:

Scientifica, is a leading producers of state-of-the-art electrophysiology and imaging tools equipment. Scientifica supports researchers around the world to make advancements in neuroscience, cardiology, cancer research, and various other scientific areas. In addition to leading equipment and comprehensive support, Scientifica hosts an extensive Resource Centre dedicated to fostering the sharing of expertise, which is full of a wide range of blogs, videos, case studies, and much more! Be sure to check out their website for more information.


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*This event is co-organised by Scientifica as part of a supporter's package. Support for the BNA's work is gratefully acknowledged; see more about supporting the BNA here.

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