Soaking up that post-BNA2021 Festival glow!

29th Apr 2021

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Wow – the BNA2021 Festival of Neuroscience has been a blast!

What an experience it has been taking the BNA Festival of Neuroscience online. We are so delighted that we were still able to bring our neuroscience community together and share the exciting neuroscience research taking place in the UK and internationally. A heartfelt thank you to all those who were involved and attended for making it a truly special Festival.


We’ve been overwhelmed with the positive responses we’ve received and are thrilled to share some our favourite feedback with you below:

“I have to say #BNA2021 is hands down the best organised online conference I've attended in a while. Platform works as expected, easy to navigate, import talks to your calendar, watch past talks, etc. Kudos to @BritishNeuro. Should be a model to emulate.”

“Just wanted to send a personal message to say how much I have enjoyed BNA the past few days. I have met so many new people and also loved the speed-dating sessions! Excitingly, I found someone who is working on a very similar project, we shared emails, and now we are having virtual coffee next month. The talks have given me so many ideas, I feel so inspired by the mentors I've met on the dates and most importantly, I feel so excited to do experiments! So thank you so much to you and to everyone to all the organising efforts! I really am so in awe of how successful an online meeting can be. Excited for the future!”

“I want you to know that the 2021 festival was amazing. I watched as much as I could and will continue to watch the other events now that the Festival is over. I would like to express my appreciation to the whole team who did such a great job of coordinating and presenting the events. It was wonderful to learn of new research in our areas of interest. It was particularly appreciated during this period of 'lockdown' and cheered me up enormously.”


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How to be part of the Festival - still!

One more thing before you go - don’t forget you can access the Festival until August!. Sit back, relax and watch at your own pace.


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