Brain connectivity differences in people with epilepsy

9th Mar 2017

US researchers have shown that brain connectivity is different between people with epilepsy and those without. 

The team found that people without epilepsy have structures that plan and then activate movement in one direction, whilst those with epilepsy harbour abnormal bidirectional interactions between brain structures.

The researchers used fMRI and MRI scanning to produces maps of the brain based on blood flow and to show detailed structural connections throughout the brain. By combing both data sets, the scientists modelled links between structures in the brains of people with epilepsy and compared to people without epilepsy.

The results obtained from the MRI scan confirmed many previously known connections but also revealed novel connections in brains of epileptic people. These findings could lead to better understanding of epilepsy and help scientists develop new therapies in the future.

To read the full article, please visit Human Brain Mapping journal. 


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