Call for nominations: FENS 2024 Programme Committee

7th Oct 2022

On 22nd and 23rd November 2022 in Brussels, the FENS Governing Council will elect new FENS officers for the FENS Forum 2024 Programme Committee. Ahead of this, the FENS Elections Secretariat has launched a call for nominations. Until Friday 14th October 2022, BNA members are able to make nominations to the BNA Office. Details of shortlisted nominees will then be passed on to FENS.

Below you will find all necessary information about the call for nominations, as well as specifications for the Programme Committee and job descriptions for the open posts. The nominations form is at the foot of this webpage.

The Forum 2024 Programme Committee will have a key role in defining the scientific programme and therefore success of the next FENS Forum that will be held in Vienna in 2024. At its meeting of 8th July 2022, the Governing Council has elected Dr. Liset Menendez de la Prida as chairperson of the Forum 2024 Programme Committee. At its meeting of 22nd-23rd November 2022, the Governing Council (of which the BNA is a member) is invited to elect eight ordinary members of the Forum 2024 Programme Committee. The BNA has now been invited to nominate a maximum of 2 candidates for the position of ordinary member of the Forum 2024 Programme Committee. This is a fantastic opportunity for BNA members to have influence over the planning of one of the largest neuroscience events in Europe.

Each candidate must be proposed for a different main scientific domain (see below). An alternative scientific domain must be suggested for each candidate. The scientific domains are organised as follows:

  • Domain 1: Development and Stem Cells + Neurons and Glia: Intrinsic Properties, Cell Biology and Cell Types
  • Domain 2: Synapses and Plasticity
  • Domain 3: Sensory and Motor systems
  • Domain 4: Cognition and Behaviour
  • Domain 5: Internal States and Homeostasis
  • Domain 6: Disorders of the Nervous System
  • Domain 7: Circuit Dynamics and Oscillations
  • Domain 8: Computational and Theoretical Neuroscience + Neuro-inspired Machine Learning

We invite BNA members to consider nominating suitable candidates at the link below before Friday 14th October 2022, taking into account their scientific background and ability to put together an exciting programme in the coming months. We also especially encourage nominations of those from underrepresented groups.

To make a nomination, and for more information about the roles and requirements of ordinary members of the FENS 2024 Programme Committee, please follow this members-only link (log-in required).

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