Calling all neuroscientists: we'd like to know your views!

18th Aug 2017

As the main UK association that represents the interests of neuroscientists in the UK, the BNA works to improve the research environment for scientists working in all fields of neuroscience at labs and intistutions across the country.

Essential to this work is ensuring we understand your views and concerns.  We would therefore be very grateful if you can participate in this research policy survey and complete by the deadline of Sunday 5th November.

Your answers will help us form policies and activities such as representing the views of UK neuroscientists to government agencies and funding bodies; developing specific training opportunities to meet the needs of early career scientists; or filling skills gaps that have been identified in certain research areas.

This anonymous survey is open to all UK neuroscientists (regardless of BNA membership), from PhD students through to established PIs*. The topics cover the following areas (but there is space or you to highlight any additional issues that you feel are important):

  • The Impact of Exiting the EU
  • Research Excellence Framework
  • Translational Research and Impact
  • The Regulation of Animal Research
  • Career Development

We will develop consensus views around these issues and represent them to policy-makers, and use information from the survey to inform our activities. 


Our Trustee with responsibility for Research Policy is Professor Narender Ramnani (right).  If you would like to write to him about research policy issues directly, please feel free to do so by sending an email to



*If you are a Masters or Undergraduate student and have any views to share, about the above or any other topics, please contact us at the BNA office or via our social media channels.  

Although this particular survey is directed at people carrying out their own neuroscience research, we recently ran a different survey for undergraduate and graduate students to find out more about their specific needs, and we are always interested in hearing from any of our members at any time.


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