FENS elections - call for nomination of candidates

15th May 2020

FENS are calling for a number of positions to their Governing Council, please see below:

  1. Secretary General-Elect
  2. Treasurer-Elect 
  3. Chairperson of the Programme Committee for the FENS Forum 2022
  4. One ordinary member of the Communication Committee 
  5. One chair and two ordinary members of the Committee on Higher Education and Training (CHET) (3 positions)
  6. History Committee – new members 

BNA members are entitled to stand for any of the above positions.

Further information:

If you would like to be nominated for any of the above positions then please email the BNA office (office@bna.org.uk) stating:

  • which role you are interested in
  • a brief CV
  • and 100 words on why you wish to stand.

Provided a nominee meets eligibility criteria and is suitable for the role, nominations will be processed on a first come-first served basis. The deadline for nominations is 5pm, Thursday 28th May. 


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