AI tool made freely available to support biomedical research

9th Jun 2020

A UK-based AI start up is offering all researchers free use of its cloud-based web tool to support biomedical research while lab access is restricted around the world.

The web tool, Galactic-AI™, systematically analyses the data available on targets, drugs and disease mechanisms from data repositories and academic papers - something which would normally take over a year - helping researchers gain valuable insights and generate a clearer view of the current state of their research field.  

Given that many biomedical researchers are currently unable to carry out normal research work or only have limited laboratory access, the ability to continue research using online, desk-based tools is essential to allow continued progress. 

The Galactic web tool has been created by UK start up Biorelate. Daniel Jamieson, CEO and founder of Biorelate, commented: “As so many scientists focus on COVID-19, a serious risk is that research into other diseases grinds to a halt. We very much hope that with the release of Galactic, a browser-ready search engine to our platform, researchers will be able to take advantage of potential insights into focal points of research, such as drug targets and indications, at a time when they are more limited to desk-based activities.”

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