Memory: Looking Back and Looking Forward

28th Aug 2018

Brain and Neuroscience Advances HeaderProviding a detailed overview of the history of memory research, its recent findings and future challenges, a new review article by Aggleton and Morris (2018), published in the BNA's journal 'Brain and Neuroscience Advances', shows the importance of memory research by highlighting key breakthroughs and current limitations.

The article not only helps us understand how far we have come, but also how techniques such as optogenetics and designed receptors exclusively activated by designer drugs (DREADDS) can be used to reveal more about the process of encoding, storing and retrieving memories.

This review mentions topics future research could focus on, such as the role of glial-neuron interactions and how other parts of neurons are involved in memory besides the synapse. Moreover, it highlights the importance of integrating findings into daily life to improve quality of life, which has been limited so far.

Other challenges mentioned are the increasing prevalence of memory loss in our ageing population and combating cognitive deprivation in developing countries. These are all pressing issues of modern-day society, which will require a different approach from neuroscientists.

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