Miltenyi Biotec supports "More than the Festival"

16th Dec 2020

Miltenyi Biotec has just announced its commitment as a sponsor of a year-round programme of events and opportunities at the British Neuroscience Association (BNA), including BNA2021 Festival of Neuroscience on 12-15 April 2021.

More engagement, more time, more value, more community

Miltenyi Biotec will be involved in a year-round programme of support, with activities including webinars, printed publications, web-based and other communications to share neuroscience with a network of tens of thousands of individuals.

At a time when it's more important than ever to work together, this package of sponsorship and support will offer organisations the chance to share key messages and provide learning opportunities and engagement with the neuroscience community - stronger than ever before.  

Speaking about Miltenyi Biotec's support, BNA Chief Executive, Dr Anne Cooke said: “We’re delighted that Miltenyi Biotec has made the important decision to support the BNA and sponsor a year-round programme of activities and opportunities, most notably, BNA2021.

“Strengthening our neuroscience community and working more collaboratively together remains a number one priority for the BNA and part of this is providing maximum value to sponsors and supporters with a host of exciting opportunities.”

Dawn Farrar, Marketing Manager UK at Miltenyi Biotec Ltd also commented: "The team at Miltenyi Biotec are excited to partner with the BNA in 2021 on this year long programme of activities. We have been involved with the Festival of Neuroscience for several years now and always enjoy working with our colleagues at the BNA. This new, extensive programme gives us additional opportunities to show our support and to showcase the innovative products we have available for the neuroscience community."

More than the Festival

With the impact of the pandemic affecting physical gatherings, including BNA2021, the BNA has taken the opportunity to re-think and add value to its package for sponsors and supporters to be part of our activities throughout the whole year, and not just at meetings.

Currently, many organisations require more than just a virtual stand at an online meeting, as well as new ways to engage customers and the neuroscience community. In direct response, the BNA is excited to share a range of new opportunities that offer "More than the Festival".

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