MRC offers £15 million boost to mental health research

17th Nov 2017

Two government-funded MRC funding schemes have been announced to try and boost research into mental health in the UK.

The strategic funding has been awarded to the MRC as a part of the government’s National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF) to "stimulate expertise, innovation and collaboration in the field".

Whilst £10 million has been given to fund health data research, an extra £5 million is allocated to find new therapeutic targets and treatments for a whole range of mental health disorders.

Most of us will experience the burden of mental health issues at some point during our lives, whether we are affected directly or through supporting our family, friends, and colleagues. We now know more about how mental health affects aspects of our daily lives, with recent government reports suggesting an economic burden of £99 billion per year in the UK.

Sir John Savill, the chief executive of the MRC, commented on the funding scheme, saying "It’s important that we tackle this problem head-on and invest in research that makes an impact. By taking advantage of new scientific opportunities and tools, such as health data research, we can transform this research field and offer real hope of new and more effective interventions."


Read the full story here, including details on how to apply for funding through this scheme.




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