Neuroinformatics Special Interest Group launched

19th Jan 2017

The first SIG to be formed is chaired by Leslie Smith from University of Stirling and focused on neuroinformatics. The group consists of Co-Chair Marcus Kaiser from Newcastle University, along with 16 other people from a variety of Universities.

This group aims to enable re-use of data and analysis tools in neuroscience, enabling reproducibility of analyses, and also to enhance collaboration between neuroscientists and informaticians in all areas of neurally related endeavour.

The groups specific aims are as follows:

  • To enable and encourage better collaboration between neuroscientists and informaticians
  • To enable and encourage the sharing of neuroscience-related data, metadata and analysis tools 
  • To enable and encourage sharing of neuroscience-related modelling techniques  between scientists
  • To enable and encourage reproducibility in the analysis  of neuroscience-related data
  • To enable and encourage creating self-learning materials for the shared data and software tools
  • To enable and encourage links between IT industry and the experimental/clinical neuroscience community

To find out more about this specific SIG, please visit their webpage by following this link

To find out more about SIGs in general and how to apply, click here



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