BNA2021 poster prize winners

26th May 2021

Huge congratulations to our fabulous International BNA2021 Festival of Neuroscience poster prize winners! 

Traditional poster - student category

Siemens HealthineersPrizes supported by Siemens Healthineers

Joint winner: Daniela Magalhaes, Instituto de Medicina Molecular - João Lobo Antunes, poster ‘Social isolation and the neuroinflammatory response at different ages’.

"I am very happy and honored that my PhD work has been recognized with a joint winner prize from BNA2021 Festival of Neuroscience. Recognition is an incentive to deepen your knowledge."


Rebecca WoodsJoint winner: Rebecca Woods, University of Manchester, poster ‘Altered cortical DNA methylation in a rodent model for schizophrenia suggests programmed changes in neurodevelopment and neuronal signalling processes’.

"I would like to say a huge thank you to the BNA team for this poster award and for hosting an engaging virtual conference!"


Preregistration poster - student category

Siemens HealthineersPrizes supported by Siemens Healthineers

Noah MooreWinner: Noah Moore, University of Edinburgh, poster ‘Development of cortical head-direction coding in wild-type and Fmr1 knockout rats’.spacer

Merima SabanovicRunner-up: Merima Sabanovic, University of Oxford, poster ‘Can psychedelic (±)-DOI have long-term effects on cognitive flexibility in a two-step decision-making task for mice?’.


Traditional poster - Early Career Researcher category

Waseema PatelWinner: Waseema Patel, University of Liverpool, poster ‘Probenecid increases the concentration of 7-chlorokynurenic acid derived from the prodrug 4-chlorokynurenine within the prefrontal cortex’.

"Thank you to the BNA for selecting my poster as winner for the traditional poster category! I’m so delighted to have won! I thoroughly enjoyed the conference, the wide range of topics that were covered in the symposia and the opportunities for interaction with other attendees. Many thanks once again to the BNA for hosting such an amazing event!"spacer

Georgia TurnerRunner-up: Georgia Turner, University of Cambridge, poster ‘Prior expectations of motion direction modulate early sensory processing’.spacer

Preregistration poster - Early Career Researcher category

Marta Perez-AlcantaraWinner: Marta Perez-Alcantara, Wellcome Research Campus, poster ‘Understanding the genetic contribution to neuroinflammatory cell traits using iPSC-derived microglia’.

"I hope my category win can encourage more groups to send and engage with pre-registration posters, to get valuable feedback on their study design and improve the reproducibility of science" spacer

Braulio MartinezRunner-up: Braulio Martinez, MRC-LMCB, poster ‘Control of axonal translation during neuronal development by 3’UTR isoforms of bifunctional transcripts’.spacerAll our brilliant prize winners receive a cash prize and all of their prize-winning posters can be viewed on the Festival platform, which you can access hereWell done to all the winners and everyone for taking part! We look forward to seeing you all at BNA2023 in Brighton! 

Preregistration posters

Preregistration posters were first pioneered at BNA2019. They give researchers the chance to present planned studies yet to be undertaken, rather than research already completed - providing opportunities for early feedback on the research design and way the data collected will be analysed, promoting credibility in neuroscience and many more benefits. We actively encourage other festivals to consider adopting this poster format. Read more about preregistration posters here.


We are very grateful to Siemens Healthineers for supporting the BNA2021 student poster prizes

Siemens Healthineers

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