Nominations for President-Elect

21st May 2020

Nominations for BNA President-Elect are now open

BNA President-Elect

In April 2021, the BNA will appoint a new President-Elect for the organisation.  Any member of the BNA can nominate an individual to become President-Elect; we invite you to read the below and consider submitting a nomination.

Please note that the President-Elect need not be a BNA member to be eligible for appointment.

Being President of the BNA is a prestigious role, previously occupied by leading UK neuroscientists including John O’Keefe, Nancy Rothwell and David Nutt.

The President-Elect, along with the President and Past-President, acts as a figurehead of the BNA.  They should therefore be a high-ranking individual within the UK neuroscience community with strong links to national, European and international neuroscience, as well as policy makers, biomedical charities and funding councils.  The President represents the Association externally, and should make use of their position and contacts to further the overarching strategic direction, aims and activities of the BNA.

BNA Presidents are expected to be heavily involved in the biennial Festival of Neuroscience which falls within their term of office, and planning for the one immediately following.

The term of office for President is two years.  However this is preceded by two years as President-Elect and followed by two years as Past-President, meaning there is a commitment of six years to the BNA. The following outlines the dates of each term and links to a full description of each role:

President-Elect - April 2021-23
President - April 2023-25
Past-President - April 2025-27

Deadline for nominations = 30th September 2020.

Please email Chief Executive, Dr Anne Cooke, with your suggestions


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