22nd Jan 2018

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Priorities for the new science minister
CaSE Executive Director Dr Sarah Main offers her thoughts on the opportunities and challenges facing the new universities and science minister, Sam Gyimah MP, as well as analysing his previous statements and positions on these briefs.

Impact of Brexit on science and research discussed in Cambridge
The Exiting the European Union Committee hears from Cambridge University, Deimos UK, Cancer Research UK and AstraZeneca on Brexit and science.

Businesses ignore Davis and prepare for no-deal Brexit
Pharmaceutical, space and defence firms are following the European Union’s guidelines on preparing for the possibility that the UK crashes out of the bloc with no deal. 

MHRA update to pharmaceutical companies on exit preparations
An update from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to pharmaceutical companies on preparations for exiting the European Union.

What do students want from the Office for Students?
The regulator – brought into the spotlight by Toby Young – has only one student on its board. We asked those it seeks to represent what the priorities should be.

Ditch the old hierarchies – further and higher education belong together
Ongoing ministerial education reviews risk treating technical and academic education as separate pathways, says Quintin McKellar, and this could be to the detriment of both.

When sickness interrupts science
How to balance a long-term illness and a research career.

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