International Women's Day: Let's Keep Striving for Better

8th Mar 2019

It’s International Women’s Day and a timely opportunity to celebrate the contribution of women to neuroscience, and the progress we’re making as a community to support more women to enter the field, to advance, and to achieve.

At the BNA, we’ve a deep commitment to playing a role that actively changes attitudes and behaviour, working hard to put in place the kind of support that promotes diversity and equality. It’s why we’re proud to support the ‘Women in Science’ database, WISDATABASE, along with Royal Holloway University of London and the British Psychological Society.

WISDATABASE is an initiative to raise the profile of women researchers across Psychology and Neuroscience, helping to tackle the problem of under-representation of women in science. This vital database increases the visibility of women scientists by providing a searchable record of expertise, research interests and achievements. To be used by anyone, from journals and funding organisations to selecting speakers.

Anne Cooke, Chief Executive of BNA, commented: “Initiatives like WISDATABASE are a vital resource for helping to ensure every woman, from every background, can dream big and achieve their potential in neuroscience.

“Today’s definitely a time to celebrate progress, but it’s a time also for reflection, to see what more we can do – to keep striving for better. Gender inequality is an ongoing issue, and one we all need to keep acting upon, if we’re to ensure every woman scientist can choose and achieve the career path that’s right for them.”

For women scientists keen to raise your profile and progress your career, record your details on the database - visit WISDATABASE or email:



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