7th Art of Neuroscience competition launched

18th Apr 2017

The Art of Neuroscience is an international competition open to scientists and artists worldwide. We are looking for striking visualizations related to the field of neuroscience in its broadest sense. These can be images or videos representing actual neural data or tissue, but also more abstract illustrations that are in some way related to neuroscience. The goal is two-fold: make the research from neuroscience labs more tangible and share something of high aesthetic value, while at the same time asking scientists to evaluate their own work from a different perspective.

The deadline for this year's competition is May 15th, 2017. One prizes available of €1000 and four honorable mentions each of €250.

For more information please visit: http://aon.nin.knaw.nl

For questions please send an E-mail to aon@nin.knaw.nl

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