The Guarantors of Brain Fellowships

9th Feb 2017

The Guarantors of Brain have launch their 2017 Fellowships.

The Guarantors of Brain offer four types of Brain fellowships.

  • “Entry” clinical fellowships up to 12 months, to provide clinicians transitional funding prior to starting a higher degree.
  • Post-doctoral clinical fellowships up to 12 months, for clinicians undertaking research after their PhD; and
  • New non-clinical post-doctoral fellowships up to 36 months, for basic scientists embedded in clinical research teams.
  • Clinical Research Fellowships, administered in partnership with the Association of British Neurologists. The 2017/18 fellowships are not yet open, but is expected to be November 2017. See the ABN website for details.

Applications for the Entry and Post Doctoral fellowships will open 1st February, closing 17th March 2017.  

To find out more about each fellowship, please head to The Graduators of Brain website

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