The Origins of the British Neuroscience Association

16th Nov 2017

Dr Edward Reynolds, a long time supporter of the British Neuroscience Association (BNA), has recently published an article in Neuroscience on the origins of the BNA.

The article discusses how the BNA – then known as the Brain Research Association, or BRA – came into existence during the 1960s. It includes a new-found document, a letter from Derek Richter to a potential member of the first BRA Organising Committee.

Establishing the BRA marked the formalisation of the earlier ‘Black Horse Group’ which met in the eponymous London pub to discuss neuroscience research. Having celebrated the 50th anniversary of this group, the earliest incarnation of the BNA, in 2015, we will also celebrate the 50th anniversary of BRA’s first meeting in 2018.

To read more, this article will be available to access free of charge until December 27th 2017 at

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