Wellcome Trust launches new public engagement funding scheme

10th Jan 2017

In April 2016, Wellcome Trust stopped their public engagement funding to thoroughly review and explore the best ways for them to support public activities in the future. They are now announcing the outcome of this work.

The new funding structure for the public is designed to:

  • be easier to navigate
  • have fewer barriers to access
  • be flexible to support ideas from the broadest range
  • enable them to work more effectively with their communities

What is changing?

  • You no longer need to self-select the appropriate scheme before you apply
  • They no longer have application deadlines
  • And, the application form has been simplified

What is not changing?

Targeted scheme will still be available to help people and organisations build capacity, develop leaders and build a resilient public engagement sector

  • Engagement Fellowships
  • Sustaining Excellence
  • Inspiring Science Fund

What this means if you want to apply for funding?

  • Applications for public engagement funding will be accepted from January 2017
  • Funding decisions will be on a rolling basis, throughout the year

What Wellcome Trust is trying to achieve

  • Develop and support bringing science and health research together
  • Bringing them closer to societies and cultures in which they operate
  • Their work to reach a wide range of people
  • Supporting proposals from people/organisations they have not yet worked with
  • Prioritising projects for audiences who currently have few opportunities to engage with research

To read more about the new funding scheme, head to the Wellcome website

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