BNA Bulletin

The BNA Bulletin is the British Neuroscience Association's membership publication.  

BNA Bulletin

The Bulletin is produced three times a year and is circulated to over 2000 people, including all members of the BNA, exhibitors, and corporate sponsors. Since the Autumn 2001 issue it has its own ISSN (1475-8679) meaning that all items are fully citable.

Back issues from 2004 onwards are available to members to download:
see BNA Bulletin print archive.

We welcome involvement of and contributions from BNA members. If you are interested in writing for the Bulletin, be it a meeting report, item of neuroscience news, research highlight or book review, please get in touch.  

If you would like to find out about advertising opportunities then please contact the BNA office (

Recent articles include:

  • The neural networks of sleep and anaesthesia 
  • Pain and the infant brain 
  • Learning to see the future 
  • A cool look at neuromarketing
  • Anosognosia and the sense of self
  • Boosting the brain’s antioxidant defences
  • Synaesthesia research

...and the hugely popular Bright Brains.

You can also read extended online content from the BNA bulletin here.