Local groups

For the BNA to properly represent national neuroscience, we have established a network of BNA Local Groups at universities and institutes engaged in neuroscience research across the UK.

Local groups

The Local Group network, which covers the UK (see map), acts as a two-way conduit for information between members and the BNA Council and Committee.

All Local Groups are headed by a Local Group Representative (LGR) which are in turn headed by the BNA LGR Co-ordinator.  Since the LGR Co-ordinator is a permanent member of the BNA Council, the views and activities of all members are always represented at the highest level of the organisation; and information from and decisions made at Council meetings are immediately disseminated to the members.

LGRs provide a point of contact for a number of member benefits within BNA.  For example, any applications for Local Group funding are made throught the LGRs.

Ros LangstonTo find out more about the BNA Local Group Representative network, applying for LG funding, nominating a neuroscientist for a BNA Award, and advertising your neuroscience news to the BNA community, contact your Local Group Representative. All LGRs' contact details and links to relevant websites can be found below.

If your Institution is not currently represented by a BNA Local Group and you would like to set one up, then please contact the BNA LGR Co-ordinator, Dr Rosamund Langston (pictured right) at r.f.langston@dundee.ac.uk.

BNA Local Groups

  Local Group   Contact Name Contact Email
  Aberdeen   Gernot Riedel g.riedel@abdn.ac.uk
  Aston   Rheinallt Parri parrihr@aston.ac.uk
  Bangor   Richard Ramsey r.ramsey@bangor.ac.uk
  Bath   Currently vacant TBC
  Birmingham   Currently vacant TBC
  Bristol   Kevin Kemp Kevin.Kemp@bristol.ac.uk
  Brunel   Taeko N. Wydell Taeko.Wydell@brunel.ac.uk
  Cambridge   Dervila Glynn dg248@cam.ac.uk
  Cardiff   Emma Yhnell yhnelle@cf.ac.uk
  Dublin/Ireland   Derek Costello derek.costello@ucd.ie
  Dundee   Rosamund Langston r.f.langston@dundee.ac.uk
  Durham   Paul L Chazot paul.chazot@durham.ac.uk
  Edinburgh   Jane Haley Jane.Haley@ed.ac.uk
  Glasgow   Leanne C. McKay leanne.mckay@glasgow.ac.uk
  Imperial College London   Andriy Kozlov a.kozlov@imperial.ac.uk
  KCL/IOP   Currently vacant TBC
  Keele   Currently vacant TBC
  Leeds   Currently vacant TBC
  Leicester   Volko Straub vs64@le.ac.uk
  De Montfort (Leicester)   Currently vacant TBC
  Liverpool   Susannah Walker s.c.walker@ljmu.ac.uk
  Manchester   John Gigg j.gigg@manchester.ac.uk
  Newcastle   Ilona Obara Ilona.Obara@newcastle.ac.uk
  Nottingham   Carl Stevenson Carl.Stevenson@nottingham.ac.uk
  Open University/Cranfield   Duncan Banks duncan.banks@open.ac.uk
  Oxford   Nick Irving nicholas.irving@ndcn.ox.ac.uk
  Plymouth/Exeter   Crawford Winlove C.I.P.Winlove@pcmd.ac.uk
  Queen Mary University of London   Joanna Riddoch-Contreras  j.riddoch-contreras@qmul.ac.uk
  Reading   Angela Bithell a.bithell@reading.ac.uk
  Royal Holloway, University of London   Tibor Auer tibor.auer@rhul.ac.uk
  Sheffield   Chris Martin c.martin@sheffield.ac.uk
  Southampton   Katrin Deinhardt k.deinhardt@soton.ac.uk
  St. Andrews   James Ainge jaa7@st-andrews.ac.uk
  Strathclyde   Trevor Bushell trevor.bushell@strath.ac.uk
  Sussex   Sarah King / Ruth Staras s.l.king@sussex.ac.uk / r.staras@sussex.ac.uk
  Swansea   Seo-Kyung Chung S.Chung@swansea.ac.uk
  UCL   Sandrine Foti s.foti@ucl.ac.uk
  UCLAN   Currently vacant TBC
  Warwick   Currently vacant TBC