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BNA Local Group Rep (LGR): Currently vacant - if you are interested in filling this role, please contact office@bna.org.uk

Fiachra McEnaney BNA Local Group Student Rep (LGSR): Fiachra McEnaney
BNA LGSR email: 2395411@dundee.ac.uk




The Division of Neuroscience is physically based at the University of Dundee Medical School (at Ninewells Hospital Campus) but we also have links with many others in Psychology, Life Sciences, Forensics and the NHS. Neuroscience undergraduate teaching is run through the University of Dundee College of Life Sciences. We are a small but very busy Neuroscience research group and always interested in visitors and in raising public awareness so if you have ideas for events or would like us to be involved in something please get in touch and pay us a visit!


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