BNA Bursaries

The BNA is able to offer travel stipends to students and early-career members for different meetings throughout the year.  Current opportunities are as follows:


  1. BNA2021 Festival of Neuroscience

BNA2021 Festival of Neuroscience

We are delighted to financially support Postgraduate and Early Career Researcher (ECR) BNA members to attend the online BNA2021 Festival of Neuroscience

To be eligible:

  • you must be a Postgrad or ECR BNA member and you must have either:
    • been a member since at least 1st March 2021
    • your application will need to be supported by a Full Member of the BNA. 
  • You must be registered to attend BNA2021
  • You must also be first author on a submitted poster abstract.  (We're aware that you will not yet know if your poster abstract has been accepted: at this stage you just need to have submitted your abstract for review.)

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS = 23:59 GMT on 1st March 2021.

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