The Local Group Student Representative (LGSR) scheme was originally launched by the BNA in 2017.

The role of the LGSR was been created in response to a membership survey carried out in 2016, which highlighted the desire for our student members to become more involved in the BNA's activities and in the neuroscience community in general.

Being an LGSR offers an exciting opportunity for student BNA members to take an active role in UK neuroscience.

LGSRs carry out a key role by facilitating communication between neuroscientsts across the UK by helping the BNA Local Group Representatives (LGRs) carry out BNA tasks, strengthening connections with all of our members, and building the BNA through recruiting new members. The bigger the BNA, the more it can do for its members! 

See below for how to apply.


The LGSR will work both independently and with the LGRs to carry out certain tasks:

  • Support LGRs – help organise events and meetings
  • Help recruit new members, in particular UG/PG students, to strengthen the BNA
  • Organise and participate in e.g. Freshers' Week recruitment activities to raise awareness of BNA benefits to their peers
  • Display posters and flyers at their institute and those they visit
  • Represent their local student neuroscience population – be the first point of contact for BNA and vice versa
  • Participate in hand-overs for newly appointed LGRs or LGSRs
  • Where an LGR is not currently present at the institute, the LGSR will carry more responsibility and can partake in finding an LGR

In return, the LGSRs will benefit from:

  • Learning transferable skills
  • Opportunities to meet and engage with leading neuroscientists
  • Insight into how the UK’s leading neuroscience organisation is run
  • Great addition to CVs!


  • LGSRs will be under the supervision of an LGR (where applicable)
  • LGRs are headed by LGR co-ordinator (see more info under Local Groups)
  • The LGR co-ordinator is a permanent member of the BNA council
  • Views and activities of all members are therefore represented at the highest level of the organisation
  • Information and decisions are immediately disseminated to the membership via the LGR and LGSR network

Application procedure:

Interested in becoming an LGSR? 

Please download the application form and send to office@bna.org.uk

Eligibility requirements for being an LGSR - you must

If you have any questions about the application procedure, please contact the office, office@bna.org.uk.

Selection Process:

  • Provided all the criteria are met, you will be awarded the position of LGSR
  • If multiple students from the same institution apply, then the relevent LGR and the office will jointly assess applications to select an LGSR
  • You will hear back from the BNA office regarding your application status