BNA Local Group Rep (LGR): Vassilios Beglopoulos
BNA LGR email: vbeglopoulos@uclan.ac.uk


The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) has a number of different schools which have active neuroscience research. Within the College of Clinical and Biomedical Sciences we have 3 schools (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy & Biomedical Sciences) that each undertake research into neuroscience. Our School of Psychology also has an active Neuroscience group as does the School of Health Sciences.

At UCLan we have a large community of scientists and clinicians undertaking research into neuroscience. Perhaps the largest group is within the school of Pharmacy & Biomedical Sciences. Here we have a group studying brain tumours and their research is closely alligned with Brain Tumour North West (Shaw, Alder Welsby). We also have a group of basic scientists studying various CNS disorders including Parkinson's disease (Petrovic), Alzheimers disease (Forbes, Smith, Jones, Shaw, Petrovic), drug abuse (Davidson), ALS (Shaw, Jones), neuropathic pain (Smith) and autism. We also have scientists studying basic neuroscience concepts such as the molecular mechanisms of transmitter release (Ashton, Davidson).

Within the School of Dentistry we have researchers examining the link between oral bacteria and Alzheimers (Crean). Within the School of Psychology we have groups studying stress (Bridges) and cognitive neuroscience. Within the school of Health Sciences we have researchers examining the biomechanics of Parkinson's (Roberts).

At UClan we focus on cross-disciplinary neuroscience research with a bench to bedside approach.