BNA Local Group Representatives (LGRs): Alice Adriaenssens & Stephanie Koch

LGR emails: a.adriaenssens@ucl.ac.uk / s.koch@ucl.ac.uk


University College London (UCL) is one of the leading institutions in neuroscience, second in the world and first in Europe. UCL provides one of the best international environments to educate and train the next generation of research leaders and attract the best students. Neuroscience at UCL spans seven core areas: Molecular, Developmental, Cellular, Systems, Cognitive, Computational and Clinical. These research areas cover the wide spectrum of neuroscience research at UCL, providing an important focus for researchers, enabling collaboration and knowledge sharing. Connections exist between all the seven core areas, reflecting the cross-disciplinary nature of research. UCL has long held an outstanding reputation for the quality of its basic neuroscience. This provides a unique platform for integration with UCL’s clinical strengths, which is a key part of our neuroscience strategy for solving the most challenging problems in the field.

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