Brunel University BNA Local Group
Annie Chan

BNA Local Group Rep (LGR): Annie Chan
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Andrei Barbanta BNA Local Group Rep (LGSR): Andrei Barbanta
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At the Centre for Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience (CCN), our members focus on basic science and bench-to-bed applied research in neuroscience. The Centre offers an open and productive environment conducive to inter-disciplinary collaboration by regularly holding seminars, conferences and knowledge transfer events. On behalf of Brunel University London, the CCN is a partner in the Combined Universities Brain Imaging Centre (CUBIC).

Our Aims:

  • To develop and conduct world-class research in the field of cognition and neuroscience 
  • To co-ordinate and support Brunel’s use of the CUBIC 3T TIM Trio MRI facility.
  • To apply inter-disciplinary methods with psychophysics and cognitive behavioural paradigms to investigate brain functions in typical and clinical populations.
  • To sustain state-of-art research infrastructure (e.g. eye-tracking, EEG, fNIRS) and requisite skills in neuroimaging.
  • To provide expert mentoring, training and research skills development for academics, research students and taught postgraduate students.
  • To disseminate the importance of neuroscientific research via education and public engagement activities.