BNA Local Group Rep (LGR): Angela Bithell
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  BNA Local Group Student Rep (LGSR): Rachel Corrigan
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The BNA LGR at Reading supports neuroscience activities in the local area with a specific focus on our flagship 'Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience Seminar Series' at which the highest profile speakers deliver invited talks once each month. Seminars are held on Wednesdays at 1600 in the Hopkins Life Sciences Building. Specific details of the current year's series can be obtained from Dr Whalley (email above)

The BNA LGR at Reading operates as part of Reading's Centre for Integrative Neuroscience and Neurodynamics (CINN) which is run from a dedicated wing in the Harry Pitt building at the University of Reading which houses a 3T Siemens Trio research-dedicated MRI scanner and high-density EEG laboratory. These facilities are complemented by high resolution stimulus display systems with integrated high-speed eye tracking, MRI compatible EEG, TMS and NIRS systems.

Research at CINN builds upon existing interdisciplinary research into the physiological and psychological mechanisms underpinning complex cognitive behaviours, targeting typical and atypical development and decline in individuals. CINN research involves scientists in Psychology, Pharmacy, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Cybernetics and Clinical Language Sciences.

The educational aspect of CINN is underpinned by interdisciplinary MSc and PhD programmes as well as involvement in European student exchange networks. On-site access to a variety of cutting-edge neuroscience technologies, local expertise and links with the FMRIB neuroimaging group in Oxford provide trainees with unprecedented hands-on training in neuroscience research methodology.

In addition to dedicated CINN facilities, contributing departments house state-of-the-art research laboratories, supporting research in developmental, social and clinical psychology, neurophysiology, psychophysiology, speech and language perception and production, visual and auditory perception and motor systems, genomics, post-genomics, structural and computational biology, computational modelling and pharmacology.

Researchers at CINN also collaborate extensively with NHS clinical units based at the University of Reading that specialize in a range of mental health problems experienced by people over the lifespan, from infancy to older age.

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