Up to £2000 to gain skills, friends and collaborations: New BNA Exchange Grants

13th Jan 2022

Exchange Grants

The British Neuroscience Association (BNA) has launched an exciting new scheme, BNA Exchange Grants, to support sharing, collaboration, acquisition of skills and building of friendships between neuroscience groups in the UK and other countries.

BNA Exchange Grants will enable PhD students and Early Career Researchers* (ECRs) to apply for up to £2000 GBP to visit and work in a host laboratory, with exchange trips in either direction: from UK to another country or vice versa.

Announcing the scheme, BNA President, Rik Henson, said: "We are incredibly proud to launch such a far-reaching scheme at a time when it's vital we continue to share skills, collaborate and learn from the international neuroscience community.

"This grant will mean global PhD students and ECRs get the opportunity to learn a new skill, technique or experimental approach that would not be readily possible in their ‘home’ research group, without the need to find additional financial resources. It lays the foundation for advancing the very best neuroscience in the next few years and beyond."

BNA Exchange Grants 

To receive the grant, you must be a postgraduate or Early Career Researcher* (ECR) member of the BNA at the time of application. If you're not a member, you can join here straight away. You must also be undertaking research related to the science of the brain or nervous system in any field, discipline or capacity. You can apply at any time. 

Click here for more information on the grant and eligibility or to apply

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