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16th Nov 2017

The BNA have launched a dedicated Facebook group for members to interact, share news and ideas, and form collaborations. 

As the UK’s largest neuroscience society, the BNA has a responsibility to promote and support the research community. Social media has been firmly established as a valuable tool to encourage networking between academics, with many groups now having professional social media pages.

We believe that by creating an online forum that all BNA members have access to, we will enhance communication within the neuroscience community and promote the sharing of neuroscience news, events, opportunities, and collaborations.

In order to support the neuroscience community, the BNA will post updates on anything that we think our members will find interesting. Whether this is neuroscience events, jobs, or funding opportunities, we hope this will help to keep our members up to date on the most recent and exciting neuroscience news.

Occasionally the BNA are approached by the media for comments on recent neuroscience news articles. As our members have a wide range of neuroscience backgrounds, we will also be using this group to request media quotes from anyone with the relevant expertise.

We encourage BNA members from all career stages and backgrounds to interact and share news with the group including:

  • Questions or commentary about neuroscience news
  • New research or publications from your research groups
  • Neuroscience-related events organised by you or your group
  • Constructive feedback on any of the above (please note that we will maintain an appropriate moderation procedure)
  • Jobs, funding, or prizes relating to neuroscience research
  • Asking advice on experimental methods and techniques

If you’re a member and would like to join the BNA members Facebook page please request to join here.

Not a member yet? No problem! You can easily sign up to be a member for as little as £1 per month here.

To read up on the BNA’s policy statement, please click here.




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