Edinburgh Psychology Clinical Scientist Wins Freda Newcombe Prize Lecture

14th Oct 2022

The BNA would like to congratulate Edinburgh-based clinical scientist and BNA committee member, Sharon Abrahams on winning the 2022 ‘Freda Newcombe Prize’ from the British Neuropsychological Society (BNS).

The Freda Newcombe Prize lecture is given by invitation from the BNS Executive Committee once a year during the Autumn meeting. The prize lecture is awarded to a distinguished scientist who aligns with the current scientific interests/developments of the Society.

The lecture topic is 'Behaviour to Pathology: a window through MND'.

"MND is on a spectrum of frontotemporal dysfunction with frontotemporal dementia. In this lecture I will be discussing evidence for the spectrum of cognitive and behavioural changes in MND, focusing on those within the middle range of the spectrum. Evidence is shown from studies of cognitive neuropsychology, brain imaging and pathology, linking behaviour to cognition and cognition to pathology." - Sharon Abrahams

The BNS hosts two scientific meetings per year for cognitive neuroscientists, clinicians from the clinical neurosciences and allied health professionals; in order to present and discuss cutting-edge theory, neuroscience methods, and their translation into clinical practice.
This year’s scientific meeting will take place Thursday 3rd November and Friday 4th November 2022.

For further details and registration click here.

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