The History of the British Neuroscience Association

3rd Oct 2018

Brain and Neuroscience Advances HeaderThe British Neuroscience Association celebrates its 50-year anniversary this year and therefore looks back on how it transformed from a small discussion group to a professional society with members from all stages of academia, as well as those in industry and non-scientists, in this article by Rose et al. (2018) in the BNA's official journal ‘Brain and Neuroscience Advances’. 

The article highlights key events such as the publication of the Brain and Neuroscience Advances journal and the creation of the Christmas Symposium and The Festival of Neuroscience

For the full review article, click here

Rose, S.P., Allen, Y.S. and Varndell, I.M., 2018. A brief history of the British Neuroscience Association. Brain and Neuroscience Advances, 2

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