Win a copy of Helen Thomson's new book - 'Unthinkable'

12th Apr 2018

Win a copy of Helen Thomson's new book 'Unthinkable - An extraordinary journey through the world's strangest brains'

Our brains are far stranger than we think. We take for granted that we can remember, feel emotion, navigate, empathise and understand the world around us, but how would our lives change if these abilities were dramatically enhanced - or disappeared overnight?

Award-winning science writer Helen Thomson has spent years travelling the world tracking down incredibly rare brain disorders. In Unthinkable she tells the stories of nine extraordinary people.

Delving into the rich histories of these conditions, exploring the very latest research and cutting-edge medical technique, Thomson explains the workings of our consciousness, our emotions, our creativity and even the mechanisms that allow us to understand our own existence.

The British Neuroscience Association (BNA) is delighted to give away five copies of Unthinkable by Helen Thomson.


To enter the competition, click this link and answer the following question:

What accident led to changes in the personality and behaviour of Phineas Gage in 1848?

  1. He fell off a horse and hit his head
  2. An explosion on the railroad forced an iron bar through his skull
  3. He got hit in a bar fight


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