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'The BNA is the organisation that brings together people from different disciplines who wouldn't otherwise talk to each other.'
Professor Dame Uta Frith, UCL - winner of the BNA's 'Outstanding Contribution to Neuroscience Award', 2013.

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The BNA is a growing learned society with around 1700 members. There are many benefits of membership, including free or discounted registration for events, discounted journals and books, the BNA bulletin and many other offers.

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Neuroscience News

03 Aug 2015 - A Beautiful Mind: Is Neuroscience the Future of Advertising?

So why are marketers jumping on the neuromarketing bandwagon now? In the last 5 years, advances in technology and data analytics have ushered in a new wave of marketing for brands.

29 Jul 2015 - Study finds brain chemicals that keep wakefulness in check

Mice that have a particular brain chemical switched off become hyperactive and sleep for just 65 per cent of their normal time.

28 Jul 2015 - Neuroscience and the Similarities of Gender

Neuroscience is in its infancy. It has been used to advance our knowledge of the brain, the nervous system, of disease, and the connectivity and plasticity of our intelligence. It has also been used to identify differences between the sexes. This is not as simple as it seems, and has lead to some very wild conclusions.

Member Notices

29 Jul 2015 - BNA seeking to appoint Chief Executive

The BNA is seeking applicants for the new post of Chief Executive - closing date 19th August.

24 Jul 2015 - BNA Committee positions: call for nominations - deadline 31st July 2015

BNA members are invited to nominate for positions on the BNA Committee.

23 Jul 2015 - The Brain Conferences: The Neurobiology of Sleep and Circadian Rhythm

The focus of this conference will be on the molecular, cellular and neural networks that underlie the generation and regulation of sleep and circadian rhythms; by what means these biological processes interact and influence normal brain function and behaviour; and how these systems influence the development and state of neurological and psychiatric disorders. Regular registration deadline ends on 25 July 2015.

Media / BNA Conversations

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