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Bright Brains appeared in print within the BNA Bulletin three times a year. In addition to the printed articles, in Bright Brains Online you can find extended online content. Bright Brains has now been succeeded by Brain Insights, the current student newsletter publication. If you are a student or ECR member of the BNA and interested in writing for Brain Insights, please contact Alex Campbell at

Print editions of Bright Brains

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Spring 2018

Editor-In-Chief: Jayanthiny Kangatharan PhD 
Section Editors: Molly Campbell, Hayley Earle, Oriol Pavón Arocas
Editors: Khatsha Ali, Joshua Au-Yeung, MBBS, Inês Barreiros, Rachel Coneys, Jessica Chadwick, Jack Cooper, Anna Cranston, Harsha Gurnani, Marta Huelin, Aisha Islam, Jayanthiny Kangatharan, PhD, Rohan Krajeski, PhD, Melissa Large, Fran van Heusden, Shevonne Whitely, Tiffany Quinn, Stephanie Rothe 
Design & Production: Joshua Au-Yeung, MBBS, Inês Barreiros , Rhea Basista, Molly Campbell, Ash Chetri, Bernardo Dias Hayley Earle, Jayanthiny Kangatharan, PhD, Jigfun Team,, Tamsin Nicholson, Oriol Pavón Arocas, Chih-Chien Tsai, Stefano Vrizzi

Summer 2018

Editor-In-Chief: Jayanthiny Kangatharan PhD 
Section Editors: Jack Cooper, Oriol Pavón Arocas, Tiffany Quinn
Editors: Inês Barreiros, Christopher Casson, Rachel Coneys, Jack Cooper, Harsha Gurnani, Aisha Islam, Jayanthiny Kangatharan, PhD, Helen Langley, Oriol Pavón Arocas, Kevin Ray, Stephanie Rothe, Tiffany Quinn, Ellena Sanderson, Daniel Shao, Ryan Stanyard, Fran van Heusden
Design & Production: Inês Barreiros, Branwen Brockley, British Brain Bee, Jack Cooper, Bernardo Dias, Jayanthiny Kangatharan, PhD, Freyja Olafsdottir, PhD, Oriol Pavón Arocas, Tiffany Quinn, Malin Sandström, PhD


Spring 2017

Editor-In-Chief: Jayanthiny Kangatharan PhD 
Section Editors: Jack Cooper, David Howett, Jayanthiny Kangatharan PhD
Editors: Jack Cooper, Natasha Gillies, Emily Gowers, David Howett, Jayanthiny Kangatharan PhD, Antonina Kouli, Josh Newman, Tamsin Nicholson, Bart Nieuwenhuis, Hope Oloye, Rebecca Richmond-Smith, Shivani Sharma, Jamini Thakrar 
Design & Production: Duncan Banks, Inês Barreiros, Federico Bergamaschi, Jack Cooper, Bernardo Dias, Sara Ianuzzi, Hanna Isotalus, Jayanthiny Kangatharan PhD, Melissa Large, Jasmine Thakrar, Restaurang Grodan Grev Ture

Summer 2017

Editor-In-Chief: Jayanthiny Kangatharan PhD 
Section Editors: Inês Barreiros, David Howett, Jayanthiny Kangatharan PhD
Editors: Joshua Au Yeung, MBBS, Inês Barreiros, David Howett, Jayanthiny Kangatharan PhD, Antonina Kouli, Tamsin Nicholson, Bart Nieuwenhuis, Patricia Rodriguez, Fran van Heusden, Alicia Wilcox 
Design & Production: Joshua Au Yeung MBBS, Inês Barreiros,, Bernardo Dias, Laura Grima, Tyra  Haywood, David Howett, Jayanthiny Kangatharan PhD, Antonina Kouli, Whaj Lee, Elena Nicola, Malin Sandström, Stefano Vrizzi

Autumn 2017

Editor-In-Chief: Jayanthiny Kangatharan PhD 
Section Editors: Inês Barreiros, Jack Cooper,Oriol Pavón Arocas
Editors: Inês Barreiros, Claire Chan, Jack Cooper, Harsha Gurnani, Jayanthiny Kangatharan PhD, Josh Newman, Hope Oloye, Oriol Pavón Arocas, Sarah Collins, Fran van Heusden, Sebastian Vásquez-López
Design & Production: Inês Barreiros, Jack Cooper, Bernardo Dias, Jane Haley PhD, Jayanthiny Kangatharan PhD, Naomi Melamed, Oriol Pavón Arocas, Malin Sandström PhD 

Spring 2016

Editor-In-Chief: Jayanthiny Kangatharan, PhD 
Editors: Joshua Au-Yeung; Inês Barreiros; Tom Hall; Katie Hoban; Steven Jerjian; André Marques-Smith, PhD; Emma Yhnell, PhD 
Design & Production: Joshua Au-Yeung; Inês Barreiros; Bernardo Dias; Steven Jerjian; Jayanthiny Kangatharan, PhD; André Marques-Smith, PhD

Summer 2016

Editor-In-Chief: Jayanthiny Kangatharan, PhD
Editors: Inês Barreiros; Emily Benn; Yuhua Guo; Tom Hall; Katie Hoban; David Howett; Jayanthiny Kangatharan, PhD
Design & Production: Inês Barreiros; Bernardo Dias; Julia Gottwald; Steven Jerjian; Jayanthiny Kangatharan, PhD

Autumn 2016

Editor-In-Chief: Jayanthiny Kangatharan, PhD
Section Editors: Inês Barreiros; Emily Benn; Jayanthiny Kangatharan, PhD; Liam Wilson, PhD
Design & Production: Inês Barreiros; Ana Bottura de Barros; Bernardo Dias; CAMP School; Sally Jennings; Jayanthiny Kangatharan, PhD; Samantha White; Liam Wilson, PhD

Editors: Inês Barreiros; Emily Benn; Natasha Gillies; Julia Gottwald; Yuhua Guo; Victoria Hodgson; Martha Huelin Gorriz; Dean Jarvis; Sally Jennings; Steven Jerjian; Jayanthiny Kangatharan, PhD; Meliisa Large; Sahil Moza; Oriol Pavon; Fran van Heusden; Deniz Vatansever, PhD; Madeleine Walpert; Sophie Williams; Liam Wilson, PhD

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