Make a synapse model

To learn about how neurons 'talk' to each other, you can make a model of two neurons communicating.

For reference, two neurons talking to each other looks a bit like this:

You are going to need materials to make each part listed in the key above to make a model of what's going on.

Below is a suggestion of materials you can use for the model, but you can be as creative as you'd like!

  • pipecleaners (if you have these, they can be used for all parts of the model)
  • For the signal - coloured card or blank paper to colour in/ playdough/ modelling clay
  • For the receptors - a cup/ empty yoghurt pot/ bottle lid
  • For the chemicals - newspaper/ playdough/ modelling clay/ craft tissue paper/ pom poms
  • If you don't have a second neuron - toilet role/kitchen role tube

If you didn't attend our 'Neurons' webinar, here's some help with making a neuron:

Or you could just use a toilet roll tube to act as a neuron.

For inspiration, here are some neuronal communication models we have made:

Use any materials that you have at home, you could even use sweets, be creative!

If you can and you'd like to, use a video editing app to make an animation of the neuronal communication process. These are some videos we made: