Are you a budding science writer looking to showcase your work?

17th Jul 2018

Effective and concise science communication is a key skill of the modern scientist. In addition to informing peers about the latest progress in a particular field, the public is more fascinated than ever to hear of developments in science – especially neuroscience!

If you already have a flair for science writing or want to give it a go, we can provide a wide audience through our student and early-career researcher (ECR) led publication – ‘Bright Brains’.

Bright Brains was an initiative started in 2016 to give BNA student and ECR members the chance to write for and share topics of interest with the BNA community, and has rapidly become a popular feature in the printed BNA Bulletin and online.

To increase the reach of student articles, we have now made Bright Brains public and therefore accessible by BNA members and non-members alike. Additionally, alongside the printed BNA Bulletin, we also now publish a selection of the articles on the main BNA newsfeed, providing even more exposure through our 20K+ followers on social media.  

Whether you wish to write a one-off piece on a subject you are passionate about, or want to become a regular contributor, Bright Brains can give you the chance to spread your writing wings. Read more below.

If you are interested in getting involved with Bright Brains, as a writer or editor, please contact Editor-In-Chief, Dr. Jayanthiny Kangatharan (, to find out more.

More information about writing for Bright Brains

Contributors to Bright Brains write on a whole range of issues, from the latest scientific developments in neuroscience to new initiatives helping the research community. Take a look at past issues here.

Bright Brains is published both in print (within the BNA Bulletin) and online. The BNA Bulletin is produced three times a year and is circulated to over 2000 people, including all members of the BNA, exhibitors, and corporate sponsors. Working with the team of Bright Brains editors, writers can submit a one-off piece or become regular contributors. All articles are credited and fully citable through the Bulletin’s own ISSN (1475-8679).

Please note that contributors to Bright Brains must be current BNA members - you can sign up today at



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