BNA council and committee positions: your chance to have national role in neuroscience

26th Jan 2022

The call for nominations for various positions on the BNA Council or BNA National Advisory Committee is now open.

Becoming a member of the BNA Council and Committee will enable you to make an important contribution to neuroscience research and practice, in the UK and beyond.

Positions to be filled are listed below. Eligible candidates are invited to register to stand for election by the deadline of 28th February 2022 (11:59 GMT):

Please read full details about these roles and the election process online

Key dates:

  • Call for nominations: 26th January – 28th February
  • If there is more nomination per position, elections will take place 27th March -1st April 2022
  • Start date for successful candidates will be the 2022 Annual General Meeting (around April-May 2022)

Members are reminded of the need to adhere to all the Association’s policies, including the Equity and Diversity Policy.

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