Building Bridges Between: Industry and academia

Building Bridges Between: Industry and Academia

The BNA’s  ‘Building Bridges Between: Industry and academia’ initiative, aims to foster collaboration between neuroscientists in industry and academia for information exchange through events and networking opportunities, and is linked to the BNA’s core theme of ‘credibility in neuroscience'.

Diversify the BNA

Ensure the BNA is truly representative of, relevant and of value to people working in the commercial sector, as well as academia, better positioned for long-term industry partnerships.

Engage with people and organizations in industry

Connect with non-academic institutions to invite discussion and knowledge exchange

Deliver high level objectives

Involve industry in our 'Credibility in Neuroscience' campaign

recognition of the commercial sector

Raise awareness and understanding of the role that industry plays in the advancement of neuroscience in the UK and its societal benefits.


Career development for academia members crossing over into industry and vice versa.

If you have any questions or you would like to get involved with the BNA's Building Bridges Between: Industry and academia initiative, please contact Sophie Sykes-Jerrold at