Undergraduate Prize

Each year, the BNA awards an undergraduate (£250) and a postgraduate (£500) prize to student BNA members

Applicants for both postgraduate and undergraduate prizes must be current BNA members. All nominations should be sent by email to office@bna.org.uk by 31st October each year. The nomination and supporting documents may be sent by the student OR nominator. 

If you wish to apply for either prize but your studies have been disrupted as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, then please do continue with your application as best you can as this will be taken into account when considering submissions.

The area of study for this award can be broad, including not only neuroscience per se, but also subjects where a large part of the degree comprises neuroscience.

Applicants should be current undergraduate students, or have graduated within 12 months preceding 31st October each year. The candidate must be a current BNA member.

In order to apply, please submit the following documentation to office@bna.org.uk, and complete the online application form by 31st October:

  • Letter of nomination from Course Tutor, Course Supervisor or Head of Department
  • Evidence of success in final (or if not in final year, most recent) summer examinations, including marks
  • Any supporting material, including final year dissertation/thesis, or (if not in final year) a formal report on any research carried out by the student
  • A statement of career intentions