Research Group Membership Scheme

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We are delighted to provide this scheme which allows new and existing Full Members of the British Neuroscience Association (BNA) to give up to nine members of their research team discounted subscriptions with the BNA, easing their access to bursaries, reduced meeting fees, membership of FENS, and more. 

Each Full Member will be entitled to:

How to claim your new benefit

Both new and current Full Members are entitled to this new benefit. If you are not yet a Full Member of the BNA, you can join here.

To claim these extended memberships for your research group, simply fill in the form below (or just email the names of those who should receive extended memberships to the BNA office).

To check eligibility for Postgraduate and for ECR membership, please see the membership section of the website

The names of the postgraduates and/or ECRs will be added to your membership record. A refund of 3 month's worth of annual membership will be applied to each, either immediately or upon the recipients' successful application to and approval of membership from the BNA (if they are new members).

Lab members can benefit from the scheme in consecutive years as long as the research group leader remains a Full Member of the BNA and contacts the BNA office each year to request them.  


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