Be A Mentor

Expectations of Mentors

Expectations of Mentors are as follows:

  • Commitment to engage with the programme and attend mentoring meetings with your BNA Scholar
  • To feedback to the BNA based on your experiences for evaluation purposes

There is an expectation of 4-6 meetings between the Scholar and mentor per year. The format of meeting can be decided between the Scholar and Mentor, whether they take place online, over the phone or in person (when permitted).

Eligibility of Mentors

Mentors on the BNA Scholars Programme must be members of the BNA.

We are welcoming Mentor applications from all ethnicities and all career stages.

BNA Scholars Programme candidates will be asked of their Mentor preferences during their application stage and successful candidates will be matched with a mentor through a review panel.

BNA Scholar and mentor matching process

After the announcement of successful BNA Scholars, the mentor matching process will take place. 

  • A call for mentors will go out to previous applicants, alongside a new advertisement drive each year. The mentors complete an online application form in which they describe their expertise and why they want to be a mentor.
  • Each Scholar will be provided with a copy of the mentors’ answers and asked to indicate their top four choices.
  • The BNA Scholars programme coordinator will then review the matches.  

There will be a no-commitment introductory meeting between the BNA Scholar and mentor before a final decision is made on a match-up. We want to reassure applicants that the BNA is committed to ensuring that a BNA Scholar feels well-matched with their mentor.


How to apply

Mentor application form: You will be asked to provide general applicant details and information regarding your current career stage. You will also be asked to describe your expertise (research area, techniques you use, experience to date etc) and to provide 200 words on why you want to be a Mentor on the programme and how you think you are well-suited to be a Mentor.