Neuroscience collaboration

When neuroscientists collaborate, neuroscience as a whole benefits. We're working to help connect neuroscientists in different sectors and internationally so that they can help to tackle the challenges faced with the complexity of the brain and wider nervous system.  

Interconnected with neuroscientists internationally

The BNA is a founding member of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS), playing a key role in its establishment and helping to build a strong European neuroscience community. Remaining well connected and united with all our European colleagues is important, and we supported calls for the UK to be part of the EU's Horizon Europe programme. The UK and EU have now come to an agreement on membership of the programme, and it will be vital to avoid delays in associating to the programme's successor in 2027. 

Collaboration also relies on international researcher mobility. We will be monitoring use of the UK's new Global Talent Visa on whether this facilitates the short-term visits/conferences/exchanges necessary for collaboration and easy movement of students. 

Connecting academia with industry

We're working to ensure the BNA is truly representative of, relevant and of value to the full range of our membership, and encouraging long-term collaboration where possible.

Our Building Bridges Between: Industry and academia initiative is helping to foster collaboration between neuroscientists in industry and academia for information exchange through events and networking opportunities, and to further strengthen our credibility in neuroscience activities. 

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