Supporting Neurodivergent Voices in Neuroscience Research

12th Feb 2024

The BNA is proud to support an innovative project amplifying neurodivergent voices in neuroscience research. This exciting collaboration brought together neurodivergent artist Carrie Ravenscroft, neuroscientist Anne-Laure Le Cunff, and filmmaker Jeremy Chevillotte to document Ms. Ravenscroft’s experience as a participant in a cognitive neuroscience experiment.

Ms. Ravenscroft – a neurodivergent, queer artist and mental health advocate based in London – took part in a study at King’s College London’s ADHD Research Lab led by the BNA's KCL Local Group Representative Dr. Eleanor Dommett. Her participation included completing cognitive tasks, an eye-tracking experiment, and having her brain waves measured using EEG.

She then created a series of mixed-media artworks titled We Were Failed, reflecting on her experience as well as the broader experiences of neurodivergent research participants. This process was captured in Mr. Chevillotte’s short film Art + Science, giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look.

The resulting artworks and film were revealed at the NEUROART exhibition at the Science Gallery on 9th February. The exhibition provided a platform for fostering dialogue between the neurodivergent community and neuroscientists researching neurodiversity.

In addition to We Were Failed and Art + Science, the exhibition featured a panel discussion titled Amplifying Neurodivergent Artists in Research and Art as well as works by artist Bhavani Esapathi in collaboration with Deborah Reyes and by King’s College London staff and students.

Supporting such science communication projects allows the BNA to advance its mission of supporting researchers and engaging the public in neuroscience. Giving neurodivergent individuals like Ms. Ravenscroft a voice in how research investing conditions such as ADHD is conducted and represented is incredibly important.

We are proud to highlight her unique perspective and thank all involved in this inspirational collaboration. The NEUROART exhibition demonstrates the power of bringing together science and art to build understanding and advocate for inclusion.

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