Pride month: Help the BNA welcome all neuroscientists

25th Jun 2024

The BNA represents a broad neuroscience community, made up of researchers, clinicians, students, technicians, commercial sector workers and support staff. It's also diverse in the sense of other demographics – ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and disability status – reflective of the population in general. We are an organisation that is proud to be made up of all kinds of people using their unique insights and skills to work together and carry neuroscience forward for the benefit of everyone in society. But this pride month, we need your help to ensure that we're doing everything we can to support everyone in our community.

Take 1 minute to fill out your demographics data

Group of scientists working together in laboratory
It's easier for some than for others to get into the neuroscience career that they want, or to feel at home in the community. That's why the BNA is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI), both in our own organisation and in the wider neuroscience community. Our flagship BNA Scholars Programme addresses the wider community's leaky pipeline – the phenomenon of women, people of colour and minority genders and sexualities leaving neuroscience career trajectories sooner than their peers – by supporting young neuroscientists from underrepresented backgrounds to thrive. But to help us succeed in making the BNA itself diverse, inclusive and welcoming to all, we need as many members as possible to share their demographics information with us so that we can see which parts of the neuroscience community might currently be undersupported.

With just a minute of your time, you can help us understand where we are now on our EDI journey, and what we need to do next to take these efforts to the next stage. 

To do your bit, simply click the button below to log into your BNA account and navigate to the “My Locker” section. By completing the short sets of questions you’ll find there under the Update detailsUpdate communications, and Update demographics sections, you will be providing critical information to help us understand the make-up of our organisation. It only takes a minute, but will have an impact on our strategy for years to come.

Fill out your demographics data now

Thank you for being part of a community to be proud of!
Dani Wijesinghe (they/them), BNA Memberships & Communities Manager

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